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Dar-as-Salaam Mosque


Dar-as-Salaam Mosque is at Alma Rd, Peterborough, United Kingdom


Promoting the love and awareness for Allah, the Prophet and the Quran in the hearts of people of all colour, race, origin and faiths. Masjid Darassalaam was established in 1997 to cater for the needs of community of Peterborough in general and Muslims in particular.

Current Muslim population in Peterborough is estimated at around 20,000. Following the success at Darassalaam and to meet demands in the West Town area of Peterborough, we purchased and established the Madina Madrassa and Spiritual Centre on Midland Road in 2014. Since it is a public place, we welcome people of all denominations and religions so that they can see and experience the daily muslim rituals and activities carried out in a mosque. We also organise visits from the local schools so that students can experience the muslim prayer and other activities. We do however encourage visitors to respect the muslim faith and wear appropriate clothing. Initial facilities consisted of a hotel converted into a mosque where a handful of Muslims offered salaat and partook in Dawah activities. By the grace of Allah Almighty, from these humble beginnings, the congregation has grown and we now have approx 200 peole offering Jumma salaat and over 300 for Eidain. In addition, there is an evening school for children where they receive religious education. To serve the needs of young Muslims and Muslimahs we also offer Nazira programs, Hifz programs and daily 2 hour Islamic education. We also have four full time qualified Ulema conducting various activities for adults e.g., Tafsir, Hadith, Tajweed & Ta’leem. Daily educational circles are held for adults with weekly programs for Ladies, other efforts to instil the qualities of Iman & Salaat in masses take place on a daily basis. Since inception, Dar Assalaam has served an ethnically diverse population including Muslims of Middle Eastern, Asian, African and European origin. The Muslim demographics in the neighbouring areas have also changed significantly with an estimated 7-8,000 Muslims within walking/commutable distance.

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