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The Pacific Seafaring Foundation

Creating Lifelong Sailors

Sailors to Seafarers

We are dedicated to nurturing a deep love for sailing, seafaring and seamanship through our yachts, experiences and knowledge with practical educational programs and hands-on practice. This is to be accomplished through partnership with sailing organizations, enhancing their established programs and creating sailors prepared to sail any boat anywhere safely and competently.

Our Mission is Rooted in Two Core Pillars:

Classic Boat Preservation:

Caring for the boats you sail is a key part of any full sailor’s knowledge base. Our programs are designed to include hands on teaching of those important skills. Those skills and understanding of all systems ensure a level of competence and safety.

Nonprofit Sailing Programs:

By partnering with established programs, we aim to broaden the experience and skill development of those programs by adding resources not otherwise feasible toward further expansion of their contributions to the sport.

Our Fleet:

We offer a range of boats providing different vintage, rigs and design while offering sufficient space for groups of 8-10 to function and learn the variety of skills and techniques involved.

Ocean Queen V

Built in Germany in 1951, this magnificent yacht has sailed through time, visiting various ports and playing a role in Disney's magic. Today, we continue the dream of offering underserved children the chance to experience the ocean's wonders on board Ocean Queen V.


Yankee's story starts with an adventurous launch during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Designed and built by W.F. Stone, she has a history rich in racing and maritime tradition. Join us as we continue her legacy and welcome a new generation of sailors.

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