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Get Involved

Within this website are documents explaining our plans in detail. We hope you might take a few moments to review them to get a full perspective on our mission and activities. Then, if you have an interest, please contact us at or 707-799-2558 to discuss possibilities or questions. We seek your input and support in joining the crew or helping out financially, or both.

Sail With Us

We often seek qualified crew to sail the boats in our programs in support of nonprofits, where you can donate your time and skills in daytime events for charitable organizations. Of course, if you would like to support a local nonprofit with a day sail, you could sponsor that activity and sail with them.

Help us with Preservation!

For some of us, a day spent working on the boats with a crew of like-minded friends can be as enjoyable as the sailing to come. There's also much to be learned from the experience about all aspects of boat care. Your donation of time and skills is as important as funding! Those who work or teach get to sail.

Help us with costs!

Although we are blessed with solid volunteer efforts, there are always the usual needs for funding to make their efforts effective. As an active member of the sailing community, you likely know well the costs of merely keeping these boats. When one adds the programs and materials the need becomes substantial. We welcome and honor donors and sponsors at all levels, who in essence make this venture possible for the benefit of this board and the communities in involved.